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Richard Avedon: master photographer and master manipulator

By Aleksandra Johnson

The Duke and Duchess of Windsor, NY, 1957

Known for his nonconformist style and revealing portraits, Richard Avedon went beyond the typical static photos of pretty women in dresses to reveal the spirit of his subject. Avedon got his start as a fashion photographer shooting for magazines such as Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar. Inspired by Martin Munkacsi, Avedon made his mark by showing his models being themselves and often in motion. For more than half a decade, Richard Avedon’s unpretentious photographs have graced the covers of the most famous magazines, inspired movies, and captured the essence of his subject’s soul. Continue reading


A genius’ influence on fashion

By: Amanda Beausoleil


Richard Avedon’s exhibit at the SF MOMA reminds us all over again of his genius. When you look at his photographs it’s like you can feel the moment. You know exactly what he wanted to get across as if he was describing it to you himself. Even the most abstract pictures that you think you won’t understand you still get the feeling, the emotion, and the portrayal behind it.. When you look at his pictures you’re able to see the soul of the people he photographs screaming out of the picture.

Continue reading

Richard Avedon: A literal hop, skip and leap into history…

By: Samantha Adelman


"Homage to Munkacsi", Paris, 1957

As a child, this young icon enjoyed the works of the famous Hungarian photographer, Martin Munkacsi, which featured models running in nature. And, from that inspiration grew the highly influential legend whom we know today, Richard Avedon. Continue reading